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Deogracious Muwanguzi

Deogracious Muwanguzi

Missionary to Uganda

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Ministry Description

I am serving as a local church support minister. I help in equipping local church leaders for evangelism and discipleship through training and missions. I help train Pastors on Biblical thinking, leadership, and Bible study methods.

About Deogracious

Greeting in the Name of the Lord.

kindly receive my testimony in the narrative below.

In 2007 after my 8th year in the Roman Catholic seminary, I was invited to a Pentecostal church in a slum in Kampala the capital of Uganda. After turning down their invitation for several weeks, I decided to visit on one particular Sunday. . At the end of his sermon, asked me to go forward and made sure I said ''the salvation prayer.

I didn't want to be embarrassed in the church, so I said whatever he wanted me to say. The pastor asked me if I wanted to be saved and I said yes. I become a committed member of that church for 7 yrs. . In 2016 I got an opportunity from another church to go for door-door evangelism with a team of missionaries. I wanted to learn how to share the gospel. When this church allowed me to join them, they assigned me to serve as a translator in the local language. It is during this time that I heard a different message from the gentleman who did the gospel exposition to the unbeliever. His message affected me so much that I felt convicted to come to God and surrender my sinful nature. It was clear to me that I was not saved at all. I had never listened to such Gospel exposition as he explained. When the person whom we preached to said I believe, I also decided to believe in Christ. I thank God that from that day I purposed to grow my faith daily through studying God's Holy scriptures and exercising Christian disciplines. I got the opportunity to do bible training at Word of Life Africa Bible Institute. I thought about many other ministers who have no biblical training. I went back to my community and began to reach out to those pastors and leaders sharing with them the lessons I was learning from the institute. This turned out into a full-time ministry opportunity to help equip pastors and leaders through the Word of Life Local Church Support ministries. A lot of young people are being reached and discipled into grounded local churches. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider becoming my partner as I execute this great commission.

Life Verse

That your ways may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations. (Psalm 67:2)