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Dina Condori

Dina Condori

Missionary to Honduras

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Ministry Description

About Dina

I was born in a Christian home in the country of Bolivia. At the age of 12 I had to leave my home to be able to work and help my family financially. At 22 years old, I decided to go to Argentina with the desire to excel and reach my personal and career goals. I was far from my home, and I thought that I was a mature girl and that everything was OK as long as I was religious. But I got involved with people that were negative influences on me, and I realized the emptiness that existed in my life.

I looked for God through a church, and I realized that my sin separated me from God and that religion is not what gives me a relationship with Him. In the year 2000 I received Christ in my heart as my personal Savior. Some one in my church started to disciple me, which really helped me grow. I also became involved in my church serving in different ministries.

At a campfire service I made a decision to go to the Word of Life Bible Institute to prepare myself to serve in the work of God. In the year 2005 God gave me that opportunity, and I was there for 3 beautiful years.

In that place God challenged me to serve Him full time in missionary work and placed in my heart the call to come to this beautiful country. By His grace and mercy I am here with the desire to reach people with the gospel of Christ. Ephesians 3:20

Life Verse

Job 9:10 He does great things past finding out, Yes, wonders without number.