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Emanuella Cavalcanti

Missionary to Brazil Recife

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Ministry Description

I've been involved with the ministry of christian education t but today I work specifically with camp- which was always what make my heart burn.

I serve in the preparation area and discipleship of our volunteers in the camp.

I am the secretary and responsible for all communication with the staff camp.

I help with day camps- a day with the focus to achieve the public school students to Christ.

Occasionally help with the ministry CTL- education and training of leaders.

About Emanuella

By the grace of God, I was born in a Christian home and when I was a child I was taught and instructed in the principles of God's Word. I went to church since I was a child but never got involved in any ministry until the age of 13 I realized that my life could not be useless, I needed to do something for the Lord and it would make my life worth living, after all He has done so much for me !

Since that day I put my plans and my future in His hands and asked him to guide me. At fifteen years of age I had my first ministerial experience working as a volunteer in camps season at Word of Life in the Northeast Brazil - where I had camped a few times and been impacted by the testimony of the staff.

After this experience, the Lord began to challenge me to seek better training! I wanted to serve Him and would like to have some sort of preparation, it was then that I met the Word of Life BibIe Institute and the idea of spending a year studying the Bible moved me and led me to spend that year [2005] praying and seeking what would be His plan for me.

In 2006 I joined the Bible Institute in Recife and from there the challenges of God for me were directed towards working in full time ministry.

I now see how things were going on gradually, the Lord was building a conviction in my heart that my life would be lived for Him! From the Institute in Recife I moved to São Paulo where I completed a degree in Bachelor of Theology in Christian Education.

They were wonderful years where the Lord worked on my character, taught me to love people and to invest in other lives the same way as I had been invested by others.

During the seminar time I kept in touch with the Word of Life in Recife and at the end of the course I was invited to be a missionary here.

Since 2010 I have served the Lord in this ministry.