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Emiliano and Vanesa Vitti

Emiliano and Vanesa Vitti

Missionaries to Ecuador


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Ministry Description


LCM - Local Church Ministries

As in Argentina, we will develop leadership training and teaching, discipleship and evangelism for the youth leaders of each church. Ecuador has a great need to return to the bases of the great commission. 30% of the population are young and have major drug and suicide problems.

While we are developing this task, we will be together with Daniel and Ana Gonzalez in a leadership transfer process to take the direction of the Ministry of Word of Life Ecuador in the coming years.

Thank you for your partnership, your prayers and your financial support. Together, we can go one step higher for the God's Kingdom!


BIBLE CLUBS - LCM in Argentina

• We developed training for youth leaders of Local Church Ministries along with 2 other missionaries in the West Zone of Buenos Aires, where currently there are 14 churches, and with other churches in Santa Fe, Córdoba y Santiago del Estero Provinces (between 650 and 850 kms from Buenos Aires).

• For 4 years, I was the coordinator of involved Youth Ministry, a ministry that equips young people and prepares them for biblical teaching, evangelism and service, through various disciplines in which they can compete, in order to discover their spiritual gifts and talents for the Glory of God. The last year, thanks to our God, we had 417 young people (between 12 and 19 years old) participating in 576 presentations. An Incredible event!!


• As an IT Engineer, God has given me the blessing of using my career for the benefit of his work. I was responsible for the area of computers and server rooms, development of the management system of the Word of Life Bible Institute with a team of students.

• Vanesa is a professional in business administration and administrative management, had being involved in the ministry´s Administration department. She supervised managing the insurance policies of the ministry and developed other administrative tasks.


• We had the great privilege and responsibility of being counselors of some students (women with Vanesa and men with me) of the Bible Institute. A total of 27 students in all these years, in which we disciple them and guide them in their steps through their time in the Bible Institute. Some of them are missionaries and pastors today.

About Emiliano

I was not born in a Christian home, I grew up in a violent and difficult family environment. By the Grace of God, at the age of 14, I was invited to a Christian camp, it was the Word of Life camp in San Miguel del Monte, Argentina.

On February 1, 1995, I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, and in that same week I decided to dedicate myself completely to be my Lord. In my local church, and in the Bible Club of Tapiales I grew up as a Christian and became involved in the ministry.

At the age of 18 I was able to enter the Bible Institute of Palabra de Vida Argentina, and studying my first year, God called me to serve him full time.


Emiliano was involved in his local church in the city of Tapiales, in the province of Buenos Aires, for 25 years. For 14 years, Emiliano was youth pastor of the youth and teenage ministry. Since 2007, as a marriage, we have been marriage counselors, also evangelizing, discipling and have been members of the pastoral team.

About Vanesa

I met Jesus as my personal Savior in my country Ecuador, on April 12,1995. I was 15 years when someone invited me to a Word of Life camp on the beach. Also, I made the decision to get involved in a church of biblical doctrine and good Christian friends.

The Lord kept talking to my heart and one day reading 2 Tim.2: 15 I felt the call of God to study His Word, so even though I had already prepared myself in a secular career, I understood that it was time to learn more about Him and to be able to give more to Him and be her servant. I resigned my work at the beginning of 2005, and in May of that year, with the permission of my pastor and the approval of my parents, I traveled to Argentina, to the Word of Life Bible Institute.

There I met Emiliano with whom I got married. At the age of 26, studying in the Biblical Institute of the Word of Life in Argentina, God confirmed in my heart to marry Emiliano and together answer the call to missionary work. We have two children; Nicolás is 7 years old and Abigail is 5 years old.

Life Verse

2 Corinthians 5:14-15