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Gabriela  Garcia Cabrera

Gabriela Garcia Cabrera

Missionary to the Dominican Republic


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Ministry Description

I'm currently the secretary of the Bible Clubs area of Word of Life and serve in the food service, managing the service team during the camp season. I'm also one of the Youth Leaders in the Bible Club of my Local Church and a substitute teacher in the Sunday School.

About Gabriela

I'm 24 years old and didn't grow up in a Christian family. As a result of my parents getting divorced, I developed a violent and disruptive attitude. As a teenager, I was rebellious. I started to smoke, got involved in gangs, and broke curfew, among other things. But one day, I was invited to the Vacation Bible School of the church I now visit, and there, I won a scholarship for the Word of Life summer camp. I had a good time there but made no changes in my life. Three years later, the VBS teacher told me that this was the last time they gave me a scholarship to the camp and that it was time to make a decision in my life and my relationship with God. At that moment, I only cared about enjoying and having fun, but that year, definitely changed my life forever. During the bonfire that summer, I accepted Christ as my savior. I cried and said to the Lord: I don't know what plan you have with my life but come into my heart and use me for your Glory.

Until that moment, I didn't know what I had to do with my life. I felt like human garbage. After two weeks, a godly woman disciple me with love and patience. The year after, I had the chance to study for a year in the Discipleship Training Program (CCM) of Word of Life Dominican Republic. The following year I studied online at the WOL Argentina's Bible Institute.

I'm currently studying sign language since I desire to preach the Gospel to deaf people, given the lack of opportunities they have in the country of being evangelized. It will be a blessing to win them for Christ.

And when I thought I was not worthy, I ran into the arms of my Christ, who came to my encounter and saved me. I thank the Lord for the privilege of serving Him.

Life Verse

I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1