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Geoff and Kendra Smith

Geoff and Kendra Smith

Missionaries to the United States


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Ministry Description

As Word of Life Missionaries our passion is to reach today's youth through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. Our goal is to help local churches develop vibrant youth ministries. We will be serving in Southern New England(CT, MA,RI) an area filled with youth searching for answers. They are open and honest about what they believe, but willing to hear what the Word of God says. The challenge we have embraced is to “Reach youth, whose culture constantly changes, with the TRUTH that never changes.” This requires a delicate but deliberate ministry. We are committed to the local church by investing in local church leaders through training and discipleship. We provide curriculum and instruction for reaching early learners (ages 4-6), children (grades 1-6), and students (ages 13-19). We are excited about this new opportunity that God has placed in front of us to connect with the leaders to help them connect with the youth of their areas in powerful ways. As we become established in our ministry, we would like to reach out to the Brazilian churches throughout Southern New England as well.

About Geoff

Growing up in a non-Christian, single parent family I very rarely heard the Word of God. I was very rebellious and rarely disciplined so I liked to get into trouble with my friends. When I was in seventh grade I started going to our local youth group and trusted Christ as my personal Savior at an all-night evangelistic event called Superbowl. I was still a very stubborn child, and God used the trouble I got into to place me in different environments where He could use those around me to chisel away at the many things in my life I was unwilling to give up myself. From there I went to the Word of Life Bible Institute and joined the Word of Life Impact Team. My stubbornness almost got me kicked off of the team, but while in Brazil our leader sat me down, and we talked through a lot of things. God really started taking a larger grasp on my life from there. I then completed my second year at the Bible Institute. I was trying to figure out where God was leading and had the privilege to go teach English at Word of Life's School of Youth Ministry in English in Korea. I was accepted as an interim youth pastor while I was there and came back to apply for my visa. I got an email saying that it should be through in the next 10 days and then two days later got an email saying that it was denied. That was a difficult time in my life for a few days as I wrestled with God and finally came to a place where I understood that if this wasn't where God wanted me then He had something so much better for me down the road. As I prayed about where God was leading, Word of Life's Missionary Internship program came back to mind. I sent out some emails inquiring about it and was accepted into the new Missionary Internship program they were developing. I spent the two and a half years in Hungary on that Internship and was accepted as a Missionary to Brazil afterwards. We spent 1 and a half years there learning the language, but were forced to return due to the climate effecting my wife's headaches. We transferred back to the US and are now serving with the Local Area Missions section of WOL serving in southern New England.

About Kendra

I grew up in a family that went to church but believed you had to be good to get Heaven. When I was 13 years old my father was killed in a traffic accident and my family stopped going to church all together. I became a very angry and bitter person and didn't want anything to do with God at all. This went on for 2 and a half years. When I was 15 my mom got remarried to my step dad and we moved from Illinois to New York. My mom decided we were going to start going back to church and while in the service one day the pastor preached the gospel. I realized God didn't take my dad because He hated me but he loved me and had a plan for my life. I also realized salvation had nothing to do with being a good person but about being covered by the blood of Jesus! After I finished high school I went to the Word of Life Bible Institute for two years. During my first year I realized God was calling me in to missions full time. I didn't know how that was going to happen though. During my second year I went to Brazil for my missions reality trip and God gave me a passion for Brazil. After I did my two years at the Bible Institute I did a missionary internship in Brazil and God grew my passion even more for the people and the culture! We arrived in March of 2016 and spent a year and a half there learning Portuguese, but while there I suffered from terrible headaches almost everyday. We discovered that the headaches were due to climate and after much prayer decided to transfer back to serve as Local area missionaries in the US. We are now serving in Southern New England and are excited about the opportunity to build into leaders and youth here!

Life Verse

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." - 2 Cor 5:20