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Hank and Becky Russo

Hank and Becky Russo

Missionaries to the United States

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Ministry Description

In Nov. of 2006 I went on a short term missions trip with my church to the WOL Philippines camp. I only worked one day on the project before someone found out I worked for the phone company. I was ask to look at the telephone troubles. The rest of my time was spent making the repairs. Thinking that was my last trip there I was asked to come back to make more repairs. In 2009 I was invited again to go back to the Philippines to help with their first Living Christmas Tree Performance. It was at that time God showed me what He wanted me to do- assist in different camps and missionaries. In 2014 my wife and I where invited to the WOL Chile camp. We assisted in the renovation of a missionary’s house. Again there was a need for phone repairs, so I went back to Chile to make these repairs. Many other trips have been made to both camps and invitations to other Wol Camps are being considered in the future.