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Horst Muschke

Horst Muschke

Missionary to Germany Koeris

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Ministry Description

At Word of Life Lake Koeris (Germany), in addition to the students of the Bible School, guests are also welcome - to our Bible seminars, church retreats or the children and youth at our English Camps in the summer. I take care of the office work around the guest business from registration to accounting. Additionally, there are tasks for me in administration.

About Horst

I was born in socialist East Germany (GDR) in 1958. My parents were Christians, but what was in the Bible were just stories for me, as they are in other books. As an unbelieving teenager, I was convinced that I could only be truly happy in West Germany (FRG). In East Germany, I felt imprisoned and monitored. That's why I fled to West Berlin when I was 17. But after a short time I was overcome by a great loneliness and inner emptiness. I realized that the prosperity and freedom in West Germany could not make my life any happier. I could not go back to East Germany, because an escape was punished with several years in prison. I was not allowed to see my parents, siblings and old friends for several years. Almost no day passed now without being drugged. Among my new drug "friends" I also met my wife Sabine. Sabine comes from an atheist home and was also searching for inner peace. At some point she picked up a Bible and began to read it. She could immediately believe what she read in the Bible and many of her questions were answered by God's Word. Sabine then also found a church and I accompanied her there. There my eyes were also opened and I entrusted my life to Jesus. That was in 1984.

The Lord gave us 3 children and in the meantime 6 grandchildren.

In 1994 I gave up my profession as a locksmith and studied God's Word for 3 years at the Bible School in Brake. Where did God want to use me now? After the fall of the Berlin Wall, I did not want to go back to East Germany. But the Lord made it clear to me that I should return there with my family precisely because I understand the people there best. So I moved back to the East with my family and now I am working at Word of Life Lake Koeris (Germany) since 2016.

Life Verse

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)