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Ian Matovu

Missionary to Uganda


Ministry Description

At Word of Life, serve with Open Air Evangelism. I spend a lot of time in the streets and at universities, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ one-on-one. I also train the Bible Institute students to do evangelism, and then take them out for ministry. My passion is to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel.

About Ian

It was in the year 1995 that I came to know and believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It was during a camp that was organized by my local Church called Agape Baptist Church. I remember coming back home with my siblings, and we told our parents that we had been born again. I was 6 years and I’ve never forgotten the decision I made.

We lived next to the local church, and I started growing in my walk with the Lord. Awana club was introduced at church and I remember being the best in Scripture memory. My siblings and I enjoyed these times so much and we still hold those times as our most precious memories in life.

Things, however, changed when we had to leave our home. We came home from school and found our things outside. We had to look for a place to stay that night. Life became miserable. Having come from a mansion, we went to a slum. My mother became angry, and my father became distant.

We tried adjusting to this new life. We were not distant from the church. Things totally changed. Money became scarce. My father lost his job. School fees became a problem. Sometimes, we only had one meal a day. Putting all this together – life was so hard. The friends I had were all from poor backgrounds; some didn’t even go to school. This hurt me so much. I remembered that there was a program at church called Compassion International, where I directed my friends. There, they would have an opportunity to be sponsored, and through this, they became part of the church. Today, those friends are so on fire for the Lord. Even though I had ups and downs after this, I always had desire to serve God. However, things in my family only continued to get worse.

Now I was growing. The time came for me to go to high school, and I remember passing with flying colors. This made my father so happy. I was staying at a boarding school, so my world totally changed. I had new friends from weird backgrounds. My life started to get messed up. I was influenced by my peers, doing things that didn’t glorify God, like drinking and doing drugs. I always felt the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, telling me that I was His child, but my heart was so hardened. I later dropped out of school, still doing those bad things. This sin took so many of years. I got into a fight with policemen, and I was almost killed. I was taken to hospital with a severe injury in my head. And I said, “Enough is enough.” Because of God’s grace, I began to go church again, and I rededicated my life to living for Jesus. All along, I had that desire for serving the Lord with the rest of my life. But I never could imagine how. By God’s grace, I came to the Word of Life Bible Institute. This was a miracle, and I couldn’t wait so I joined right away. In my year at the BI, I continued dedicating my life at the campfires, and the Word of God continued to shape me. Like Hebrews 4:12 says, “The Word of God is living and active,” and it was transforming my life.

Now, my business is testifying of God’s goodness and His amazing saving grace to whomever God brings my way. This is my life, and I can’t imagine living without Jesus every day.

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