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Irene Ingabire Kagorora

Missionary to Rwanda

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Ministry Description

About Irene

I was born in a christian family. My father led devotions every night and I enjoyed them plus attending church which was a must every Sunday. Although my parents were religious people and i was trying to emulate that life, i had my own struggles like telling lies, having outbursts of anger, bitterness and many other habits that I am not proud about.

We often had open air crusades and I always prayed the sinner's prayer every time an altar call was made. One Sunday we had a visiting youth group and the preacher made it clear that each person had to make an individual decision to receive Jesus and that no one would enter heaven unless they received Jesus. And that morning as a primary five student I made a decision to follow Jesus for the rest of my life. We were encouraged to tell those around us which I did. I told my family and friends. I saw the Lord change my heart and soften me, I started asking for forgiveness when I was in the wrong, He taught me how to care for others and put away my selfishness. In my highschool I joined scripture union and there we fellowshipped with other believers and spurred each other towards love and good deeds. We were encouraged to stand out for God and I desired to be the light and salt like Matthew 5:16 says that "In the same way let your light shine before all men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven". I also had a strong desire to fulfill God's purpose in my life because I knew that God had created me for a reason.

Because of my passion to serve, during my senior 6 vacation I volunteered with scripture union and I would go to high-schools with other volunteers to teach them life skills that were Biblical based and through those lessons we had the opportunity to share the gospel. Seeing someone come to the saving knowledge of Christ was and is always an overwhelming experience. I knew that my life would somehow involve sharing the gospel although I always prayed I wouldn't have to be involved in fulltime ministry.

After University in 2006 an old friend from scripture union told us about Word of Life Fellowship and a drama they wanted to launch in schools. We jumped to the opportunity seeing it as a way of giving our first year of labour to God after which we would find well paying jobs. It was a time of being stretched in all spheres of life and great lessons to learn. And in 2008 I left to study after which I started working with an insurance company. And while there I continued to serve with Word of Life volunteering as a Bible club facilitator because I enjoyed it.

In 2011 I travelled with the drama team to Rwanda and during that trip I was asked to join word of Life fellowship as a fulltime staff an opportunity I reluctantly accepted.

In December 2016 I went to visit my maternal uncle who was critically I'll in Kigali. And while there I felt a strong conviction to serve my country Rwanda for at least one year. I wasn't sure whether it was of God or it was just my personal desire leading me. And I committed it to the Lord and I asked that if it is of God may He open a door for me and if it was just my personal desire I asked that the conviction would go away. And after prayerfully thinking about it I talked to Mr.Obunde who gladly got me on board to be part of the team that would serve Word of Life Fellowship Rwanda. I knew the Lord had led me. And I can surely say I have seen God fulfill Romans.8:28 in my life ... He works all things together for good...

Life Verse

1 Corinthians 10:13