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Ivan  Zarzua

Ivan Zarzua

Missionary to the Philippines

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Ministry Description

I’m part of the Camping ministry, involved in teaching and preaching to the campers. I’m also doing some of coordinating with the campers in booking and reservations. I help run the program for campers, games and Bible hours through song leading. When we don’t have campers I usually do office things, cleaning the surroundings, preparing session areas for the coming groups. I also prepare messages for speaking engagements in and out of camp.

About Ivan

My name is Ivan Zarzua, a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute in the Philippines. I grew up as a typical young man, thinking that if I lived a good life I’ll end up in heaven. I always tried to do good things believing that if I do such things it could outweigh the bad things that I’ve done. Yet during those days, questions and doubts filled me. I was looking for my purpose in life, asking ‘why am I here?’

Then the day came when I met the Lord Jesus. It was January 21, 2007. Prior to this day I had heard the gospel countless times, yet I still didn't believe it until I read it myself using the Bible that was given to me 3 years earlier. Here I understood how the Lord loves me, how He gave His only Son Jesus to die and pay the penalty for my sins. Truly the Lord worked in my life. I was convicted of my sins, believed on what He had done and accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior.

Little by little He changed me. I was given the privilege to study at Word of Life Bible Institute. It was during our last term that I felt the Lord calling me through His Word. At that moment when the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to Peter, “Do you love Me?” that same moment I felt that the Lord is also talking to me, and then I asked myself, “Do I really love the Lord?.” Peter served the Lord after that event, ‘will I do the same?’ I asked. The greatest desire of my heart when I got saved was to serve the Lord, proclaiming His Word-the gospel of salvation to the lost. The Lord has given me the opportunity to serve Him here in the Word of Life Camping Ministry. Here I get to share the Gospel to the campers! It is only through His grace that I am here serving Him.

Life Verse

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;” I Timothy 1:12