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Jack and Kristen Jang

Jack and Kristen Jang

Missionaries to South Korea Jeju

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Ministry Description

Word of Life Korea is a mission with an emphasis on evangelizing and discipling youth. Youth ministry is the last priority of most Korean churches. There is a really serious problem among Korean youth. Most full time youth pastors in Korea are only ‘there’ as a ‘stepping stone.’ We need full time workers for the youth in Korea. I think adolescence is the most important period because I know the most valuable decision in my life, receiving Jesus, happened in my youth.

Word of Life Korea focuses on preparing Asian church leaders through : LCM(local church ministry) camps, bible clubs, discipleship training bible institute & missions outreach.

About Jack

My name is Jack Jang. My father did not make much money when I was young, and my mother had to work full time at a pig farm. This built a strong desire in me to make a lot of money.

I often thought about how to make a buck as I grew and after high school, I decided to learn English. I thought since few spoke in English in South Korea, I might be able to make good money if I spoke in English. And that’s how I met an American missionary. I attended a discipleship school of Word of Life Korea, to only learn English, not Bible. But God works from there. As time passed, by God’s grace, I changed through the work of the missionaries. One day, during the Bible study with the American missionary, I truly believed Jesus nailed my sins on the cross and I couldn't stop crying. At that time, I knew I had to have salvation in my heart and life. I repented of my sins and turned to Christ. Soon, I realized that making money was no longer my main goal in life. Furthermore, I wanted to study the Bible. The missionaries in Korea directed me to Word of Life Bible Institute in New York. After studying at Word of Life one year I transferred to Lancaster Bible College in PA. Now I’m working as a full time missionary with Word of life Korea.

An American missionary changed my life and I came to America to study God’s Word. Now I’m working with my people. Because Jesus was willing to die for us, we gladly serve together.

Luke 19:10 "For the Son of man in come to seek and to save that which was lost."

Life Verse

Luke 19:10 - for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.