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Jonatan and Casey Torrejon Vasquez

Jonatan and Casey Torrejon Vasquez

Missionaries to Bolivia

Ministry Description

Our main ministry is called Children's Show. We present the gospel in schools and public places all over Bolivia through an evangelical acting performance. The show is filled with music, lights, and very comical to attract children but ultimately the whole family. We work with the CED students (Discipleship and Evangelism Center) and other missionaries to put on this presentation all over Bolivia to reach people with the gospel of Christ.

As part of the team in Bolivia, we help in all the activities and everyone helps each other out in each ministry. We are involved with the students that come to study the Bible for 1 or 2 years through the CED program by discipling and investing in their lives.

We help in camps with presentations, music, and many other areas.

About Jonatan

I was born and raised in a Missionary family in Peru. At the age of 6 my dad led me to the Lord. He explained the gospel to me and my need for a savior and I understood and trusted Christ that day. Since then I always knew I wanted to serve the Lord. I grew up reading missionary stories and watching my parents ministry. I always was involved in their ministry and what they were doing. Growing up in this environment put a passion in my heart for missions and spreading the gospel. At the age of 16, my parents moved to Bolivia to serve as missionaries. Even though it was hard for me to move away from my home country, God taught me what it means to leave your comfort zone and get accustomed to a different place. When I was 18 after high school, I went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina for 4 wonderful years, learning more about God and growing in ministry. After that I went back to Bolivia and started serving with the team in Word of Life. In 2015, I met my wife in Bolivia. She started serving in Bolivia and God brought us together and called us both to serve with Word of Life in Bolivia.

About Casey

I grew up learning about Jesus and who God is, but I didn't fully understand. As I got older, I cared a lot about what other people thought and I did not care about Jesus. I lived for myself and pushed God out of my life. I thought being a Christian was too hard and no fun. I strived to be a part of the "cool crowd" and fit into the world, so inevitably I started hanging out with people that were bringing me down. This led me to an unsatisfied life and I came to a point where I felt completely empty. I felt so lost and I wanted to change but I didn't know how. Then when I was 15 years old, I heard the gospel being shared but this time it was different and it finally clicked for me. I realized that God sent his only Son to die for me, a sinner, and take the punishment for my sin, so that I could live eternally with Jesus. I finally believed with my whole heart that Jesus died on the cross and rose again, for me! I understood that it was only through trusting Christ as my Savior and believing in Him that I could go to heaven. I surrendered my life to God and started to grow and really developed my relationship with Him. God showed me so much about his grace and love through the hard times in my life. I went from having so much guilt and bitterness in my heart and thinking I was unloved, unworthy and alone, to feeling loved and valued by the one true God. Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to attend Word of Life Bible Institute, but I did not realize the significant impact it would have on my life. Going through first and second year taught me so much and helped me really deepen my relationship with the Lord. My experience there helped me realize my purpose and showed me so much about living a life truly devoted to God. Throughout 2nd year specifically, the Lord led me towards missions and put a passion in my heart to serve in another country. In April 2015 I went to Bolivia for the first time on a missions reality trip. There God showed me so much and I knew I wanted to go back. God opened the doors for me to serve there in Bolivia for 2 years through the Cross-Cultural-Internship. I met my husband there and God brought us together in a beautiful way and called us to serve together in Bolivia.

Life Verse

And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. 2 Corinthians 5:15