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Jorge and Bobbie Rosales

Jorge and Bobbie Rosales

Missionaries to Ecuador


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About Jorge

I am Jorge Rosales. I thank God for having come to Him when I was 5 years old in a Sunday school class. But unfortunately I walked away from the Lord in my teen years. But By His grace I had a wonderful godly mother and my home church that never ceased to pray for me. When I realized how wrong I was, I turned to the Lord and decided to dedicate my life to serving Him full time. I went to study at Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. When I finished my studies I came to Ecuador, where I began to serve the Lord in a Bible Institute that started from the Gospel Missionary Union. In this place God allowed me to meet Bobbie who is my wife. She was also born into a Christian home, at 5 or 6 years old she accepted Jesus in a Sunday school.When she was a teenager, her parents sent her to several camps that were more like Bible institutes, in one of them she taught Missiology and she understood the urgent need that she had to preach the gospel to lost people. When she finished school she went to the Christian Missionary Alliance Bible Seminary. After finishing the Seminary she was invited to serve in the same Bible seminary as me. We got married in 1995. God gave us a daughter named Debbie, who is now 21 years old. We served the Lord in the Ecuadorian coast with a Children and Youth Ministry for 9 years. Then we were challenged to join the ministry of Word of Life Ecuador, where we have been serving 17 years mainly in teaching and in camp ministries.