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Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor

Missionary to Revive


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Ministry Description

As a part of the Revive team I play Acoustic guitar and sing as well as that, I am responsible for setting up all our speakers and the wiring for power. We travel on the east coast to churches, schools and wherever the Lord brings us. My goal in all this is for others to see their need for Christ and to be able to genuinely worship their Savior.

About Josh

I was born on the doorstep of the only truth in the universe. For some reason, God saw fit for me to be part of a family who not only loved me deeply but who’s primary desire was to honour the Lord. I was so blessed to have parents whose faith was evident and raised me with the knowledge of the gospel. As early as I can remember I knew I was a sinner and needed Christ, but it wasn’t until I was older that I took steps to really make my faith my own. Throughout my childhood I had all the head knowledge of a churched kid but my heart desired to live my life my own way. It wasn’t until certain events in highschool that I realized that my relationship with the Lord couldn’t just be a small part in my life; I needed to surrender all of myself. This became clear as the Lord brought me through certain circumstances that rocked my foundation to its core. I am so thankful for the hills and valleys I have been through, and am blown away by how faithful God is. As my relationship with Christ began to grow, the Lord opened opportunities for me use my passion of music, as a way to serve others in the Church and missions. Those opportunities kept coming my way even with moving across the continent from my home, California, to Word of Life, all the way in the Adirondacks of New York. I was blessed with being a part of a worship team as a student at WOLBI and again, I am blessed with the opportunity to travel with Revive and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. I am a vessel for the Lord to use however he wishes, because He has shown me that nothing in life is worth more than a life lived for Christ.

Life Verse

Colosians 3:1-4