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Joshua and Brenda Seilala

Joshua and Brenda Seilala

Missionaries to Papua New Guinea


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Ministry Description

Papua New Guinea is an open door for the Gospel! Neighborhoods, streets, public schools and universities, are some of the countless opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ. However, the youth are constantly confronted with social pressures. The consumption of drugs, alcohol and illegal criminal activities. These are some of the issues that are major causes to destructive lifestyles that are void of God, nor His Word. Question is, "Who will reach this young people?" As a missionary, I am dedicated to my passion and vision to reach the youth of Papua New Guinea! My ministry is focused on reaching youth both within the boundaries of the local church and outside of the boundaries of the local church such as public schools. A systematic doctrinal Bible study is the "core" of my ministry. My ministry begins with the principles of God's Word as my virtue.All Christian service such as evangelism, discipleship and leadership development are all vehicles that will accomplish my vision: It is my passion to intentionally reach the youth of Papua New Guinean and equip them to reach their generation and beyond.". I am excited about what God will do through me!

About Joshua

I trusted Jesus to be my personal Savior at a Word of Life Back-to-School Camp in 2006. Since then, I was introduced to the Word of Life Scriptural based program. I attend a weekly Bible Club program for the year, and begin doing a daily quiet time. These two became the most influencial aspect of my life and faith. The emphasis on discipleship in areas of ministry involvement made my Christian life and faith liveable! My public ministry began as a song leader in our Bible Clubs. I grew in confidence and was soon leading worship at our local church. God also used other means to prepare me. I was often asked to travel on mission trips with my missionary, and get the feel for missions. I often travel alone on behalf of the missionary. God has used those early experiences to show me His future will for my life in such a dramatic fasion!

I believe that the study of God's Word is the key to helping the youth establish their lives on the Biblical Principles of God's Word.I am retuning as a missionary to partner with existing Local Churches of like-faith in every major towns within Papua New Guinea with a passion and vision to evangelize and disciple young Papua New Guineans. I am a young Papua New Guinean dedicated to reach young Papua New Guinea whose culture constantly change with the Word of God that never changes.

Life Verse

Mark 5:19 KJV Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.