Our Missionaries

Our missionaries are normal people from all walks of life who have dedicated their lives to serving and following Jesus wherever He calls them. Want to meet them? Check out our Missionary Directory.

Juan and Nicole Pascua

Juan and Nicole Pascua

Missionaries to Argentina

Ministry Description

Our ministry is directly related to youth of local churches in the South of Buenos Aires. There, we served the churches, helping youth in Bible Club Ministry. Actually we have 11 churches that use this ministry in the South part in Buenos Aires province, and we encourage, strength and edify each leader that is serving in the Biblical Clubs, through support and zonal leadership trainings. Also, we serve in our local Church by teaching the Word of God and using the ministry of Biblical Clubs.

Nicole, along with a female group of missionaries and collaborators of the Office of Biblical Clubs in “Auténtica” Ministry (Authentic), which support, encourage and prepare female leaders of Biblical Clubs in their Ministry by offering them different devotionals, especially for them, and tools through the Blog and other social media. She also keeps contact with zonal leaders of Biblical Club through social media.

Another beautiful ministries we do are in Summer Camps in Monte (January – February) is traveling in the Ministry of Trips of Graduates to the South of Argentina in Pichi Traful (October – November) in different areas like sports, planning and sharing the Word of God, where a lot of youth meet Christ as their personal Savior each year.

About Juan

Hi, My name is Juan and I’m 23. I was born in a Christian family and I want to tell you how I met my Savior. I was 8 and in a class of Biblical School where I understood what the Lord has done for me in the cross, that I was a sinner and I deserved Hell, but Christ payed my debt with his dead in my place. When I was 16,living far from God I came to a camp in Word of Life Argentina, , but that week God broke my heart telling me clearly he wanted me to serve him full time, so I told him: Lord, if you can do something with my life, I give it to you completely.

About Nicole

Hi, I am Nicole, and I’m 21. I had the privilege of born in a Christian family and I met Christ as my savior in a kid’s camp of Word of Life Argentina when I was 8. I baptized at the age of 15, but then at 16 I started taking bad decisions and I got away from God until I was 18 when I came back to a Camp of WOL, and there God broke my heart and I returned to his feet. Then I studied 3 years in WOL Institute, and in my second year, in a Conference, God called me to serve Him full time, and through my favorite verse Josh 22:5.

Life Verse

Joshua 22:5b : "To love the Lord your God, and to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and to cleave unto him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul."