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Karina Repnikova

Karina Repnikova

Missionary to Ukraine

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About Karina

It is a great privilage for me to be a part of Gods work and to serve Him.

Often times in my life I questioned myself: what is the meaning of life and who would I like to live my life for. The first answer I got is when I decided to accept Christ into my heart. Thanks to His forgiveness, I recieved hope and the meaning to life. With that, I understood my responsibility as it is written in 2 Cor. 5:15. I stood before a decision; do I want to live my life for myself and my desires or for Christ and His goals. I decided that I will serve Him full time and will live each day for eternal values. WOL is the ministry where I can reach goals that He has for me and serve Him effectively. Even though I am new to this ministry, I am grateful that I can witness how God changes people into the image of Christ, and be part of this.