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Keila Jimenez M

Keila Jimenez M

Missionary to Nicaragua

Ministry Description

Discipleship: As every missionary in WOL I have some girls to disciple. Some of them are leaders of their Bible Clubs, others members of a church. / Finances: At the office of WOL Nicaragua, I have the responsability to make sure the ministry is meeting all the requirements to operate freely in Nicaragua, and to report to our authorities in the ministry how we spend the resources we get. / Support to the other areas of ministry through evangelism, counseling and logistic.

About Keila

I grew up in a home where we used to go to the Christian church every Sunday. Since I was little, I’ve heard and learned about God working in and through the lives of His children, and I always felt the desire to experience that. I grew up thinking that I was a true child of God, because one day I said a prayer to receive Christ, and because I learned how to behave like a Christian. No one suspected that I wasn´t, only me when I felt the emptiness in my heart. I couldn’t understand why, if Jesus was the Bread of Life, I kept on feeling empty. But God, in His mercy, allowed me to go through a very humiliating and painful situation, that made me see who I really was: a sinner in desperate need of His Forgiveness. It’s hard to realize that when you’ve learned to do the right thing, and when you believe that you are good person. When I understood that sin was in my heart, He forgave me and gave me a new mind and heart. For the first time I had a strong desire to share Christ with other so that they could be free like me. In addition, I have a burden for young people, that are growing like I did, thinking that they’re Christians just because they behave like ones. I cannot think in another way to spend my life and time on this earth but sharing Christ and everything that He is teaching me, and this is what I understand is God’s calling for me. In 2012, I went to Argentina, to the Word of Life Bible Institute. I stayed there for 3 years studying the Bible and learning how to serve God. In 2015, when I came back to Nicaragua, I learned that God wanted me to serve Him through the Word of Life (WOL) Ministry here in Nicaragua.

Life Verse

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant... Phil 2.5-7