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Kimberly Good

Kimberly Good

Missionary to Uganda


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Ministry Description

My day to day life, Monday to Friday includes; waking up, making coffee, spending time with Jesus, and making my way to the Word of Life property, which is about twenty minutes from my home!

Once I get to the property, I head to the International School (preschool to grade twelve) where I am the Assistant Registrar.

This role is very large and I work at many things throughout the day and week! Commonly, I work on our student report cards, class lists, attendance, our online platforms such as; Google Drive, Google Classrooms and Gmail accounts then also moving the majority of our paperwork to be online! Along with the tech-side of this position, I also work alongside the teachers in printing and photocopying as well as assisting them with stationary items. I also get to help in First-Aid when the need arises.

In addition, I have the privilege of coordinating our weekly Chapel times with our students! It is such a meaningful opportunity to walk-alongside our students to see their vision with Chapel as well as have their engagement in leading it!

It is my prayer that wherever I am and whatever I am doing, that it pleases the Lord and people see His light and love through me!

About Kimberly

I am so thankful you stopped by!

I just want to say a huge thank you for all that you’re doing in life!

You are seen, you are valued, and you are loved!

I am currently living and serving in beautiful Uganda and what a gift it is!

Some days are not easy, but when I remember why I am here, I am reminded that Jesus is with me even in the hard, just like He is in the easy!

I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada where the land is flat and the weather is cold!

(This prairie girl is so thankful to God that I am still alive in the heat and cool weather of Uganda!)

I grew up in an environment that pushed me into adulthood a lot faster than the typical time. Life growing up wasn’t easy, but as I look back, I can say how grateful I am for those experiences as it helps me know how to help others in similar situations.

At the age of six/seven my life took a turn! It was in this season and chapter of my life that I met God through a Kids Club that I attended each week. The afternoon/evening was filled with playing games, hearing a Bible story and sharing a meal together! It was in this place my relationship grew deeper in Christ through the leaders and friends I made! It was during this time as well that I felt called very strongly to Africa! I remember sitting in my first grade class, when I had Kenya so specifically on my heart. At the time, I did not know what or where that was, but here I am next door to a place that one day I pray I get to visit and serve if that’s where God calls me too!

As time went on, I attended church on Sundays and served at a summer camp during the summer months! Through this camp, I have been blessed with a family of my own that loves and cares for me so deeply as well as loves the Lord!

My Mom and Dad are in Canada serving full time in camp ministry alongside my four siblings!

In 2018, I came to Uganda for the first time and immediately, as soon as the plane touched down, I knew this was it. This was home! After my first trip here with another organization and coming back to live in Uganda full time in 2019- I personally felt that God spoke as we drove home that day, that I was ‘Home.’

Over the time I have spent in Uganda, I have traveled many places and visited many organizations- I see where God’s love is being given and where there is so much need for Him!

My heart continues to grow with Him and in His love! My desire is that everyone knows how special, how valued, how seen and how loved they are!

Life Verse

Jeremiah 29:11