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Kimmy Bone

Kimmy Bone

Missionary to South Korea Mainland

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Ministry Description

My passion is teaching. I want to see every young person read the word of God for themselves and abound in their relationship with Jesus. I will have the privilege to teach English through the Bible to young adults in South Korea. Walking alongside students in life on life evangelism and discipleship. Pray for me, that my life may be a light to those around me.

About Kimmy

"The direction of the gospel is always from Christ to me, it is never from me to Christ. What could I possible offer that could help me meet my need? To offer the years of my life is to offer something very imperfect and something that which can do nothing to forgive sin. To vow my willingness to change is to affirm something I will not consistency keep; and even if I could, it would not remove the guilt of my sin."

-Charles Ryrie

I was eight years old when I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ. I understood that I could not know God apart from Jesus' death and resurrection. I believed that Jesus died for my sin and rose again for the entire world. I prayed to receive Jesus into my life. I began a journey with God that day. I did not tell anyone, but I observed my family and my church for how I should live. I began to see a change in the way that I thought and lived. As years went by I started to read the Bible and pray every day. I was very confused by so many of the passages. I thought that I could lose my relationship with God by sinning or neglecting time with him, and thus my place in heaven. This motivated me to spend more time with God. It also led me into all kinds of fear, pride, and judgment. I did not know any other way of thinking or living. For years I went on like this. Not realizing the anxiety that came from thinking I could lose my salvation. I thought God would hate me if I did not appease him. It came to a point where I did not believe the Holy Spirit permanently indwelled me. I did not believe God's love was unconditional. I did not believe in His grace alone, I thought there must be works involved. To me then Jesus' death was helping me on the road to eternal life. I had not yet realized the fullness of grace.

Yet, God was faithful. I was nineteen years old when I was counseling at a summer camp. I thought that my good deeds of helping campers would make God happy. The preacher said something so clear that it was as though he were talking directly to me, he said, "...to you, the entire world revolves around yourself." God broke me. I had never seen my pride and sin in this way before. As the days went by I started to doubt my salvation. Had I ever really trusted God's grace alone for my salvation? Had I been trusting myself? This thought plagued me for days. I finally talked to the director of the camp and was honest with my doubt. All I wanted was to be sure that I had eternal life with God. I called out to God, it was the scariest thing I have ever done. To take the trust off myself and place it on Jesus Christ. God set me free! I felt true joy for the first time! It was like a million chains of fear fell from my body and my eyes were not blind. God did a gracious work in me that day. Jesus died and rose again for me to have eternal life with Him. He brought the dead to life! Anyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life. That eternal life starts now and lasts forever.

These two different times of salvation “experiences” caused much confusion in the years to come. I now knew that I was saved. I just wanted to know the truth of when. I went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida and one day it clicked. I cannot rely on my obedience or my experience for the assurance of my salvation. I must rely on Jesus' promise alone. Jesus died and rose again. I looked and believed it when I was eight years old. Therefore I have eternal life.

I want to share the gospel with the world. To live a life as evidence that Jesus really loves and saved the world. The gospel is too good to withhold. I want to see the truth of God's word set people free. I want to see people's lives changed by God’s word as mine has been changed. It is only reasonable that I give my life for the gospel because Jesus gave his life for me.

Life Verse

"Pray also for me, that whenever I speak. words may be given me so that I may fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel," Ephesians 6:19