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Kyle and Bree Hayden

Kyle and Bree Hayden

Missionaries to the United States

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Ministry Description

The desire of this giving page is not for you to support me with the full time ministry I have at the Lodge. My hearts desire is to be able to raise support so I can go help other properties around the world that are in need of my service. I have raised support in the past to go to Korea and help construct two buildings. I would love to be able to have the funds to go on more work trips. I work here at the Lodge and I am beyond blessed by the number of volunteers we receive to help us with our projects. I know most other properties around the globe don't get the same privilege we do here. I want to give myself freely to be used by the Lord in whatever way a camp or property needs. If there is ever an emergency in another location where they need immediate help or an emergency situation happened and there is a need for rebuilding, I want the opportunity to give a hand where needed.

I am also willing to go full time in another location, if God opens the doors and I see the needs at another property.

The ministry I have at the Lodge consists of maintaining our property. The Lodge property is compared to as a resort or hotel style property. We offer many activities on property such as: guest speakers, mini golf, pool/spa, dining room, and many other excursions.

During the summers, I get to lead camp crew kids in the area of landscaping. We specialize in lawn care and maintaining the gorgeous flowers we have on property. Most of these kids have never worked a full day nor even a full week before coming here. I get the joy of teaching them hard work and good workmanship. Not only do I get to teach them good workmanship, but I get to explain the impact they have for the Lord in doing so.

In the spring and fall, I will do more landscaping and I also join the maintenance team. Landscaping during the spring and fall has a lot of preparation work. Cutting trees down, raking leaves, and planting flowers are examples of what I do during this time. On the maintenance side during this time of the year, we will be opening and closing our buildings because of the cold winters we have in the Adirondacks. On top of that, I help with any construction projects and I continue to help maintain our buildings that stay open for guests.

Winter time in the Adirondacks means snow, so I am in charge of plowing our property and making it safe for our staff and guests. My tasks in the winter are very similar to the fall and spring. I continue to help the maintenance team and work on any construction projects.

The other ministry I have is living in the Schroon Lake community. I have two main tools in which I am able to engage this community, the local church and the local fire department.

I am able to reach my community through the local church by engaging in small groups. In small groups, we get together weekly to fellowship with one another and share any opportunities we may have to encourage each other or people we know in our community.

I am a volunteer in the Schroon Lake Fire Department, so I get to serve people in a way I never thought possible. I serve the community through my participation with the fire department and I hopefully will make an impact inside my own fire department with the men I serve alongside of.

About Kyle

I spent my first eighteen years in the state of Maine. I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior at the young age of seven. The relationship I had with the Lord was never made my own during those first eighteen years. I would attend church faithfully and learn from God's Word in the Christian school, but I only appeared to have a close relationship with God. It wasn't until after I got out on my own that I started to understand what my walk with the Lord requires of me. I need to seek God above all else. Seek to serve Him and not my own selfish ambitions. I really just need to find my comfort in Him through prayer and Scripture.

I graduated my first year at the Word of Life Bible Institute in 2012. Soon after my summer ministry, I had the opportunity to go over to Jeju, South Korea. In Jeju, I was apart of constructing two buildings for the Word of Life Bible Institute. I feel encouraged and right at home being able to serve the Lord with my hands. It was in South Korea where I first got the drive for this ministry.

When I got back to the states in 2013, I started working for the Lodge at Word of Life. I work at the Lodge full time on the property services team, still increasing my knowledge and skills in a variety of trades. I get the opportunity to serve Lodge guests, guests should be able to come onto our property with little to no distractions and become refreshed in the Lord. During the summers, I get to disciple and lead a younger generation in my work area through our camp crew program. It is amazing to see how the Lord can use even me to accomplish things for His glory.

I have so much more to learn in my life and so much more to grow. I would like to see my personal relationship with the Lord strengthened more. I want to be able to help other properties around the world that don't have people for maintaining their properties and people for working on new projects. I would like to see my hands reach out to more people around me, even in my own community.

About Bree

I was not born into a Christian family; both of my biological parents were addicts. My biological mother passed away when I was three. When I was seven, I was adopted by a good family. However, for most of my young life, I believed that if I did enough good deeds, I would get to heaven. After my biological father's death when I was 14, I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and understand that He died on the cross for me and rose from the dead three days later. After I graduated high school, I attended the Word of Life Bible Institute. There I realized that God had given me a passion for discipleship and teaching, and a desire to use my musical abilities in ministry. I also developed a great love for Europe after a missions trip in my second year at the Bible Institute. This past year, after traveling with a Word of Life music team, the opportunity to go to Spain on a Cross Cultural Internship was presented to me, and God made it very clear that I should go. I am very excited to learn, serve, evangelize, and disciple in Spain!