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Lauren Karnes

Lauren Karnes

Missionary to International Ministries Office

Ministry Description

I currently serve with Word of Life in the Home office in Schroon Lake, NY. I work with close to 100 college age students that are serving around the world in our Cross Cultural Internship program (CCI). This is a two year internship that gives students the opportunity to serve overseas while continuing their education online.

Through going overseas these students are giving the opportunity to see what God is doing globally and are also pushed to the end of themselves to fully rely on God. While I work in the administrative side of this program here in the US, it is my privilege to work with these students and help facilitate this opportunity for them. Having been an intern myself in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012-2013, I have the unique background to understand what challenges interns may face and help them along they way.

As part of the Student Missions here at Word of Life I am also able to serve on various short term missions trip to expose high school and college students to overseas ministry. We go not only to help the various fields we are serving, but to see God work in great was in the lives of the students that go.

About Lauren

I accepted Christ as my personal savior when I was eight years old, I grew up in a wonderful Christian family, that I am more thankful for every day. My mom led me to Christ after a teacher in school was talking about baptism. I wondered why someone would be baptized and why I hadn\'t been. That is when she shared the gospel with me.

When I was about fifteen, my greatest desire was to fit into the mold the world gave and I pushed religion to the corner of my life. Doubts began creeping into my mind about everything, about my salvation, about christianity and even about the existence of God. But God is so faithful and He brought me back to Himself. During this time I can remember reading Matthew 7:21-23, the last part of these verses says, "I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!" It seems like a strange verse for assurance of faith, but after reading this, I knew I was saved, that Christ was in me and that He knew me personally.

After high school, God, always with greater plans in mind, brought me to Word of Life Bible Institute. My two years spent at WOL truly changed my life. A large part of this change came from two short term missions trips I was able to go on during these years, one to Guatemala and one to Brazil. After seeing the need of people to serve around the world I spent two years serving in Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently serve in the US with the CCI program.

Life Verse

John 15:4,5