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Laurent and Karen Guilbot

Laurent and Karen Guilbot

Missionaries to France

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Ministry Description

Today we are serving here in France (Dinan, Bretagne)

God gives us the privilege to serve him meantime:

to take over the branch of « Ministry at the Service of Local Churches » , what the Lord put on our heart since many yers already, and why we serve the Lord with the Word of Life! What does this imply? :

Listening to pastors / leaders while having a coffee or sharing a good meal (this is very french …)

Help them to have a clear vision for their youth group.

Encourage them being present (visit the youth group and spending time by Zoom…)

Provide resources so that young people can SHARE their faith around them and GROW in their personal walk with the Lord.

Karen: My first ministry is my 5 children! Giving thanks to God for each of them that God has given us; They belongs to Him.

About Laurent

My name is Laurent GUILBOT, I was born in Caen, France. I had the privilege of being born in a Christian family. Since I was a baby my parents took me to church and always told me that it was not because I was going to church that I could be saved. At the age of 12, during a prayer meeting, on a Tuesday night, in my local church after a gospel preaching, I understood that I was a sinner and there in my pastor's office, for the first time on my knee , and accepted in my heart the Lord Jesus Christ as my only Savior. At the end of the year 2001 with Karen, my fiancée we had a meeting with Kris and Debbie Stout (director of Word of Life France at that time) we started our relationship with Word of Life France; during that time they infected us with their passion and vision for the French youth. In 2002 Karen and I got married and a year later (2003) we were collaborating in the first camp in France, as counselors and there we understood God's call for our life to serve him full time.

Today together with Karen we have an extraordinary family with 5 fabulous children: Daniel, Emma, Samuel, Mickaël and Analia (details in Karen's testimony).

From this moment, the adventure began …

About Karen

Hi, my name is Karen, I'm FrenchW and a blessed wife and mom of 5 incredible children and our nice dog (golden) Manny : I was born in a catholic home, God fearing, and practicing this religion from my earliest childhood, but feeling that God was far away. It is only at the age of 16, that I understood that I was a sinner like any other person and that I was responsible for the death of Jesus on the cross, and just after having seen the movie “Jesus´s Life ", I repented and accepted in my heart, with the desire to serve Him all life. This desire was concretized when we responded with my husband to the call of God in Word of Life camp in France. We went out to prepare ourselves at the Biblical Institute of Palabra de Vida in Argentina, and for 3 years (2004-2006) we grew in the Word and His service. Since January 2007 we have joined the PDV France team with the vision of reaching the French people with the Gospel of Christ. Serving in PDV France we discovered our infertility, and God in his sovereignty, used this trial to get even closer to Him, seeking consolation and strength. After praying, He guided us to adoption, first in France but then in Argentina. So after serving 5 years in France, we returned to Argentina with the purpose of adopting. After a year serving in the Children's Home of Quilmes every weekend, one day arrived there who were going to be our children. It seemed impossible! We could not believe what God was showing us! There were 5 brothers! Dany was 8 years old, Emma 7, Samuel 6, Mickaël 4 and a half and Analia 2 and a half. But God touched our heart. After a year of knowing them and praying, we could finally announce that we were going to be their parents! How much joy! The house was full of joy, movement, hugs, laughter ... and most gloriously, during the first Christmas, God gave me the privilege of guiding each of our children at the feet of Christ. They love God and grow each day in His Word. Glory to God for those 5 souls redeemed by the blood of Christ

Life Verse

Ephesians 3:20-21: "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."