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Laury Aldana

Laury Aldana

Missionary to Bolivia

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Ministry Description

Laury in involved in the Deans and Ministry Departments at our Center of Evangelism and Discipleship (CED).

About Laury

I was born in Ecuador. I was not brought up in a Christian home, but my parents feared God and from a young age they taught me and my five siblings to love and fear the Lord. When I was 12 my sister invited me to attend a children's program at church where they shared the story of Amy Carmichael, and I recall wanting to be a missionary and live for Him. Two years later my father passed away and I got angry with God. I couldn't understand how that loved me would allow something that brought so much pain. I continued going to church and taking on ministry responsibility, but my heart was far away from the Lord.

I made a decision for Christ when I was 18 years old during a evangelistic campaign in my church. God got a hold of my heart through something the speaker said - "What held Jesus on the cross wasn't the nails or the soldiers, what held him there was his great love for you; He thought of you and gave his life in your place." That night I asked God to change my life and to take away all the pain and bitterness in my heart. He did!

I dedicated my life to the Lord at a camp and then had the opportunity to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. It has now been six years since I have been able to serve Him in the ministry in Bolivia.

Life Verse

1 Samuel 12:24 Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.