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Marco and Uda Seeba

Marco and Uda Seeba

Missionaries to Germany Starnberg

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Ministry Description

I have the privilege of representing Word of Life at a magnificent location on Lake Starnberg with two beautiful castles. My major responsibility as the director is to oversee the different areas of our ministry on the property. It is an honor to do that along with a staff of 48 great people!

We have kids, teens, family, musical and sport camps, school and church retreats, and also a year around discipleship training program. Every year over 8,500 people are exposed to the Gospel through the different ministries and have a chance to respond, many making a first time decision for Christ.

About Marco

I grew up in a Christian home in northern Germany. As a teenager, I went to a Word of Life summer camp and was challenged to seek and serve God with all my heart. After graduation, I went back to Lake Starnberg to do my civil service there, which also involved participation in the discipleship training program. During that time, I felt God calling me to study business administration. Now, being the director, I realize how helpful that training was. Before studying I wanted to get to know God better and attended the Torchbearer Bible School in England.

Uda and I got married in 2001 and five years later we started working for a Christian youth organisation. God gave us 7 wonderful years of ministry there before calling us to return to Word of Life (WDL). Uda and I love that we and our four children can be a part of Word of Life again.

With the takeover of Dunenhof in 2021, we came full circle and are now leading the rapidly growing ministry from the new location at the North Sea.

Life Verse

"Christ in you, the hope of glory!" Colossians 1:27