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Maricela Zacatenco Martinez

Maricela Zacatenco Martinez

Missionary to Mexico


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Ministry Description

Maricela serves in the Christian Missionary School.

About Maricela

I thank God for letting me be a part of his work. It gives me joy and is an honor to work in Word of Life ministry in this country, which has the goal to reach youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was born in a Catholic home, being the oldest child of eight siblings, I grew up in an environment with many family conflicts, and with a great void in my heart, but on October 2, 1999 I accepted Christ into my heart as my only and sufficient Savior. It was the most important decision of my life. After that decision, God began to work in me, in a surprising way, and I continued making other important decisions. In 2004 my son Rodrigo and I had the opportunity to study in the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina, That year meant a lot to us, because he called me to serve him in full time ministry. I have made a commitment to God´s truth and to the sufficiency of the Gospel that transforms lives. Also, I will sacrifice whatever is necessary for the cause of Christ. God taught me to live by trusting him and to know the greatness of our God.

Since then, I have returned to Mexico and have been serving in the Word of Life Christian Missionary School. Our biggest prayer and desire in the school is for God to raise up ambassadors of Christ who are committed to engage in His work. I can say there is no greater joy than seeing God work in the life of each student. I also have beautiful opportunities to serve as a nurse and to disciple girls with the Word of God who study at the Institute.

I praise God for these 15 years of service to him,

Prayer Requests:

- For holiness, integrity and faithfulness to God.

- For God to always be first in my life

-For wisdom with my ministry.

- To complete my support

- For provison to have a vehicle

Life Verse

Acts 20:24