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Matias Blanco

Matias Blanco

Missionary to Argentina


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Ministry Description

"Linking the transforming power of the Gospel with the daily lives

of the next generation of Latin American leaders"

Why? We live in times where there is a big difference between the truths that intellectually we know and truths that we daily practice. The Church of Jesus Christ urgently needs not only to proclaim the Gospel but also allow it to mold every aspect of our private lives and public ministry. The formation of the next Christian leaders should not only focus on theology as an end in itself, but in theology as a mean to transform our hearts and behavior.


In order to develop young leaders transformed by the Gospel in every aspect of their lives, I decided to get involved with Word of Life Argentina. By the grace of God, now I have the opportunity to serve in the ministry of counseling and biblical teaching Bible school students from around the world, especially Latin Americans. For this reason and understanding the importance of the task, I am currently completing my Bachelors on Family Science from Austral University in Buenos Aires. Also, this year I started the Master 's program online from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas. My main responsibilities in Word of Life Argentina are:

• Summer Camp Ministry as the Men´s Counseling Supervisor.

• Academic Supervisor for the Word Of Life Bible Institute.

• Youth Pastor of the Evangelical Church of José Mármol, B.A.

About Matias

I was raised in a Christian home, and during many years I learned to live a religious life. It was a hypocritical life and without true meaning. I understood the message of salvation and received Christ as my personal Savior when I was 18 years old in a Summer Camp at Word of life. On that Summer Camp I dedicated my life to the Lord Jesus. I understood that He has a specific purpose for me. I surrendered my all to God, to His will and to serve Him with all my life. Then I studied four years at Bible Institute where I grew in my relationship with God, learning to love Crist, His Church, His Word and the people in need. After those studies I decided to be involved in full time ministry, and since 2013 until today I'm serving God with Word of Life Argentina. I'm very grateful to God because I have the opportunity to serve Him and His Body.

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