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Nahuel and Julieta Donoso

Nahuel and Julieta Donoso

Missionaries to Argentina

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Ministry Description

Nahuel : I studied in the Palabra de Vida Argentina Bible Institute (2008 to 2009). In 2010, I married Julieta. The call was always to serve the youth, and although we still did it in the church we were looking for a place where the influence could be greater . So in 2018 God called us to serve as a family in Word of Life Argentina in Bible Clubs ministry.

Our area of impact is a place called La Matanza where we serve 10 bible clubs. Also by God grace I am in the Area of Life, where we have more than 200 young male students from all over the world that I can influence directly or indirectly.

Julieta : In 2009 I started studying at the Word of Life Institute, where God confirmed my call to serve him full time. After 8 years I returned with my husband and two children to finish studies at Word of Life (now both), knowing that God was calling us full time.

And in the Will of God in 2018 we started serving him as missionaries of the Word of Life, here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today I am serving in the office of Biblical Clubs, encouraging, supporting and preparing women leaders of different biblical clubs with a ministry called Auténtica. (Authentic).

Julieta and I are very thankful to our loving God, who chose us to be his children and also his servants. It is only by his grace and mercy. That is way we give Him all the glory.

About Nahuel

My name is Nahuel Donoso, married to Julieta Moreno (in 2010) and with two children named Benjamin and Ramiro. I was born in a home in absolute poverty, with only my mother and my four siblings , it was not easy to be a child because many times we needed to eat.

Nobody told me about Jesus until I was 13, it was through a sports activity where someone preached the gospel and I was able to understand the reality of my condition and I accepted Christ as my personal Savior.

My name is Julieta Moreno Donoso, I am married to Nahuel Donoso, and I have two children, Benjamin and Ramiro. I was born in a home without God, without religion, I only learned what was morally correct. When I was 9 years old, my parents were invited to the Word of Life camp where they were very interested, and motivated to learn about God. That was my first time to know about God.

In March of 1999 I first attended the Missionary Bible Church in Rafael Castillo (Church that now we currently serve). That same day I participated in a children's activity where a person came to talk to me about Jesus, my Savior, that day I understood that Christ had taken my place and died for my sins, but also that he gave me the precious gift of eternal life and the security of being at his side for eternity. That was the day I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.