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Olga Zlatova

Olga Zlatova

Missionary to Bulgaria


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Ministry Description

The greatest need of today's youth is to know Christ as Savior and to have a growing intimate relationship with him. Today I mainly occupy my time with work centered on children and youth. I want to use every minute correctly to serve the Bulgarian youth through God's Word.

About Olga

I have been going to church from when I was very young and in Sunday school we would be taught all the biblical stories. Later when I had grown to the age of 17, I accepted Christ as my personal savior through the aid of a small booklet. Soon after I was baptized at the age of 18, but there was still little change in my life.

Then, from a family of missionaries I learned of the bible institute in the Ukraine and I was very intrigued. I decided to go there and was strongly influenced by the example of other believers. I was shown that I had no direction in my life and this had to change. But when the process of change began, it was very painful.

God radically changed my attitude toward the gospel. He taught me how to conquer fear, how to start conversations with people I did not know and to share with them the gospel. The words of Matthew 28:19 took on a new stronger meaning.