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Patricia Morelli

Patricia Morelli

Missionary to Venezuela

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Ministry Description

God has given me the blessing of serving him despite what has been happening in Venezuela; all the missionaries left, but I understood in my heart that God wanted me in Venezuela and here I am serving. Every day gives me opportunities to support churches, in different ministries, currently I am supporting a church with a team, we work with young people; also with camps for children, youth and ladies; God has given me the opportunity to do evangelism with paintings in many places, I had the blessing of sharing the gospel in the army barracks throughout the state, I entered the prisons and I was able to evangelize openly; God has opened doors for me in schools; with evangelistic and sports activities. I have had the opportunity to do sporting events in different communities, many young people have known the Lord. I am also working with Vacation Bible Schools; discipleship, counseling Where God puts me or the opportunity that God gives me, it is inevitable for me not to do it. It is and has always been a blessing and a great adventure in my life to serve God in this beautiful country, Venezuela.

About Patricia

Grateful to God for the opportunity to share with you the blessing of having known Christ as my savior and also for the blessing of receiving from him the call to serve him in the mission field. I am Uruguayan, I did not have the blessing of being born in a Christian home, God was never talked about in my house, I have 6 other siblings, I was born in a home where the economy was very limited, my mother worked in three places to be able to give us things more necessary, my father worked too, but his contribution to the house was minimal, since he had many problems with alcohol; At the age of 6, some missionaries came to my house to invite us to a children's activity, and my mother sent us the 7 little brothers, there for the first time I heard of God's love for me and what he did on the cross for my sins, that day I gave Jesus my heart and invited him to be my savior

; I continued attending the activities that they did every week, and more and more my heart fell in love with God. Even so the problems in my house intensified more and more, none of my brothers remained in the gospel, but I decided to be different; the example of life of the missionaries and seeing them happy was a boost to my life, I wanted to be like them and fall in love with that God they were in love with. It was so that when I turned 13 I consecrated my life to the Lord, I decided there to give God my present and my future so that He would do His will in my life, regardless of the resignations, I remained without reservations and gave everything to God. At the age of 18 I decided to prepare myself at the Biblical Institute of Word of Life in Argentina

I studied there for 3 years, there I was able to see and know in depth who was that wonderful God who loved me so much and gave his son on the cross. I had in my heart from a very young age to be a missionary, I loved to serve, I loved to help people; It was there that the Lord prepared me to go out to the missionary field, now my plans were to return to my country and put everything that God had taught me there, but God had other plans for me. Being in my third year of the bible institute, God began to disturb my heart for Venezuela, so much so that I had many Venezuelan classmates and I was constantly asking them questions, I listened to their stories and their comments about the need for God in Venezuelans and that captivated me. heart forming in me such a firm conviction to go to Venezuela. It was so that when I left the institute 15 days after saying goodbye to my family, God transferred me to Venezuela. Serving God in this country, despite all the negative forecasts, I have been able to see the hand of God in everything, his absolute support and his care at every moment. I look back only to see the glory of God in my life, his Grace and his great mercy. Praised be Lord!!! Serving you until your coming!!!

Life Verse

Habakkuk 1:5 Look among the nations, and see, and be amazed; because I will do a work in your days, that even when I tell you, you will not believe it.