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Philipp Baur

Philipp Baur

Missionary to Germany Starnberg

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Ministry Description

I’ve always been amazed by the people that organized the camps at Word of Life… and now I became one of them. I’m part of the team that organizes the program for our summer camps. Sport is my passion and so I’m the one that coordinates most of the sports program and our amazing sports teams. Besides that, I’m planning the program for some classes that decided to make a school trip to our beautiful surroundings.

About Philipp

After my first summer at Word of Life in 2012 I knew, that this is the place to be. So I returned to this place every year and my perspective of god and life as a Christian got shaped at this this magnificent place at Lake Starnberg. When I became older I started volunteering at the summer camps.

2019/20 I did my practical training for my studies at Word of Life and right after my graduation at the Bible Seminary I started working for Word of Life fulltime. Ever since I got to know Word of life there was only one year I couldn’t spend at Lake Starnberg. I’m glad to be able to do the same work, that once shaped my life tremendously.

Life Verse

“Whatever you do, do well.” Ecclesiastes 9:10