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Rui Pedro and Sandra Freire

Rui Pedro and Sandra Freire

Missionaries to Portugal

Ministry Description

Since 1991 I have held various positions in the ministry and today I am Financial and Services Administrator. Sandra oversees the hospitality ministry.

We are also attending church in Ramada where we serve the Lord. We have been involved in teaching the Word to children, youth, and adults.

About Rui Pedro

I was born in a typical Portuguese home, Catholic, but not practicing.

My first contact with the Gospel was in Esmoriz, at the Biblical Center in 1982. I remember that at that time I made no decision and only came to do it at a year-end camp in the Word of Life in 1985-86. From there I got involved in my church in Valadares and in the year 1988-89 I attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in Portugal. I returned to my church where I served as a youth leader until I was challenged to join the full-time Word of Life Portugal team, which happened in February 1991.

About Sandra

I, was born in Sines; my parents accepted Jesus when I was 8 years old. I began attending church and camps, but I did not accept Jesus until I was eighteen. One Sunday afternoon, at my church in Sines, the pastor in a preaching answered all the doubts and questions that I had in my mind that prevented me from seeing the light of the Gospel.

In 1991, I attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in Portugal where I met Rui Pedro who was already a missionary. That year we began a dating engagement.

We married in 1994 and have two children, Daniel and John.

Life Verse

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.