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Sarah Orellana

Sarah Orellana

Missionary to Mexico

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Ministry Description

I will be a part of the Cross Cultural Internship program, which gives experience to, trains, and equips students for a life of ministry! I will be learning alongside seasoned missionaries while doing hands on ministry and being actively involved in what God is doing in Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) Mexico. I will be involved in many different types of ministry in order to learn more about the different kinds of service, where God has gifted me, and in what ministries I may be suited for long term. Some of these ministries include the Bible Institute, local church bible clubs, missionary schools, camps, and more!

About Sarah

Since childhood, I had always been familiar with God and Jesus, but equated Him with legalism, church tradition, and ritual. In the summer after my 10th grade year, at Word of Life Island summer camp in New York, I truly understood that I was hopelessly separated from God because of the sin in my life, and that the only thing that could provide relationship with God was to believe in the sacrifice Jesus made for me on the cross and in His defeat of death. I decided to accept the free gift of eternal life Jesus offered to me. After I chose God, I reasoned that because Jesus saved me from death, the only logical thing to do was to give Him my life in return. I didn't understand the full extent of what that meant until a few years later. In my first year at the Word of Life Bible Institute, a man gave a presentation about what it means to be a global Christian, and how God wants to use us to reach the nations. I took a Bible and investigated God's plan for all the nations and how we as believers are called to fit into that. After that, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a part in what God was doing all around the globe.

Life Verse

Psalm 96:2-3