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Scott and Abby Morrison

Scott and Abby Morrison

Missionaries to Australia

Ministry Description

Our ministry consists of creating opportunities and platforms within the community and the Church to reach the youth with the Gospel of Christ. We run big events, speak at school seminars, and we will be creating future camps. Some of our events are KICKOFF and Battle Zone.

About Scott

I was born in a loving Christian family that taught me Christian disciplines from a young age, my father especially was a big example of Christian Love in the way he treated people and cared for them. My salvation experience starts when I was in year 6 and I was at my church youth program on Sunday. My teacher at the time, Martin Spies, was explaining that the relationship with Christ had to be a personal one and an individual decision so no one could make it for me. At his time I realised he was my Lord and Saviour and I wanted that relationship. God continued to fashion me into the man he wanted. When I left school, I had a passion for missions but didn’t know how to go about it and wanted to offer something practical, so I started training as a mechanic. God moved me out of that line 3 year later after I realised, I was moving away from my God so I decided to wait on him and what he would have in my life. A year later I had worked in many different jobs as different things when God brought the right people into my path and me into theirs. This was when my director, of Word of Life Australia, asked me to be an intern for Word of Life. That year I saw God use everything that He did in my life to send out the Gospel and after that year it was clear to me that I needed to continue in the ministry. I have now been working with Word of Life for just over 7 years and am looking forward to seeing His ministry flourish constantly.

About Abby

I grew up in a Christian home with Godly parents pouring into my life. At age 5, I came to know Christ as my personal Savior. But being so young and unwise, I did not develop that relationship with my Lord. As a result, I turned away from the Lord. Between ages 9-12, I was very bitter from past hurts and hardened my heart towards God. I knew that I was wrong, but I was too ashamed to seek help. So I continued going down the wrong path. I ran as far away from the Lord as I could but thankfully He didn’t let me get far. I was so convicted but I was too afraid to change. Until later that summer, I attended a summer camp with my cousin. On the Wednesday of that week there, the pastor got up and started to share what it meant to be saved and how we are offered salvation. He shared Ephesians 2:8-9, which has become one of my life verses. During his message, I broke down in tears. I saw that I had been running from God and I knew I needed to change. I prayed that God would forgive me for running from Him and I prayed that He would use me in any way He chose. After that, I felt so relieved. It was like an actual weight was lifted from me. I began studying God’s Word for myself and trying to grow. I join a girl's small group and got some really good Godly counsel. Since then, I have felt God calling me to the full-time ministry on the mission field. I have attended Word of Life Bible Institute, which is where I met Scott. Scott shared with me his heart for the youth ministry in Australia and God began to soften my heart towards the same ministry. I am very excited to join my husband in serving the youth of Australia by proclaiming the Gospel and showing each one the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Life Verse

Isiah 40: 31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; the shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."