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Sergey and Olga Korobkin

Sergey and Olga Korobkin

Missionaries to Ukraine

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Ministry Description

Throughout the years, my family and I have been directly involved with

the ministries of the Bible Institute in the ministry office, evangelism

programs and church ministry. God has also entrusted us with being

responsible for camp in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Our biggest passion is to see people getting saved and lives being

changed with the Gospel. My vision is to develop our ministry team in

Ukraine so they can serve effectively and independently. Through the

growth of our team, we would like to see three branches of Word of Life

open in Ukraine and to look at the possibility of full-time ministry for

Word of Life Ukraine in Asian countries.

About Sergey

At age sixteen a friend gave me a New Testament. After reading it,

I realized how I could find true happiness, but in my life I sought

happiness in things that were contrary to the Bible. God continued to

work in my life and I visited a church. At church I met people who

helped me understand that it was only through Christ that I was saved –

not through my attendance at church or having a changed life. During

this time, I attended a seminar given by a Word of Life missionary, and

it was then that I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and realized

that I could not truly live without Him.

After my decision of salvation, I was invited to Word of Life summer

camp as a counselor. I was growing in the Lord but still striving to

reach goals that had nothing to do with God. I made a deal with God

that for two months I would spend my time at Word of Life camp, and

the rest of the year I would be involved in my job and making money.

At the end of camp I was witnessing the changed lives of campers

and their testimonies of how God changed their lives. During one of 7

the campfires, I realized that as a follower of Christ living my life for

myself or my gaining of material value was not important. I could only

obtain deep peace in obedience to God and the assurance in the fact

that I had eternal life with Him, and this is best! I dedicated my life

to the Lord at that campfire service. After my camp experience, I saw

how the ministries of Word of Life changed my life, and I desired to

do something similar, to do something so that lives of other people

could be changed. I began to serve at a Word of Life Bible club and

to work with the Word of Life drama, “Born Again to a Living Hope.”

I then attended the Bible Institute, and after graduation I joined Word

of Life ministries with my family.

Life Verse

John 1:6 "There was a man sent from God, whose name was John."