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Sergii and Tania Tyshchenko

Sergii and Tania Tyshchenko

Missionaries to Bulgaria


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Ministry Description

This ministry the Lord has given us first influences and changes us internally, because the Word of God works in our own hearts and lives. Then in His goodness we are able to minister to others. By God's grace every year we host summer camps and a winter camp. During the year we also run Bible Clubs, picnics, and tent camps. God allows us to see the fruit of our labor-- souls saved and lives changed. This encourages us tremendously!

Now we have a new door open for ministry. In Varna there are many people who speak Russian. Among them there are some Christians too. The majority of them are not fluent in Bulgarian. Seeing this need challenges us to begin a special service in Russian to share the Gospel and the Word of God with these people.

About Sergii

I was born in the Ukraine in a Christian family, but it wasn't until I was 17 after having gone through several life threatening situations, that I receive Christ. I began serving as a youth leader in a church, but my christian life was weak.

In 1993 I was introduced to the WOL ministry in Ukraine, it was a youth camp. In one of the meetings God made clear to me the meaning of dedication to Him, and I gave my life to Him. The Lord was calling me to the mission field, and I answered "yes". In a prayer I told Him:" I want to come to You with a crowd of young people". The Lord answered my prayer. All my family supported this decision, and since 1996 we have been missionaries with WOL full time.

During 1998-99 God provided for us an opportunity to receive Biblical training at the WOL Bible Institute in Argentina. Probably the greatest privilege for me was to start the WOL ministry in Bulgaria in 2003.

Since 2006 we have continually lived in Bulgaria. On the outside the soil of our field looks very charming, but it is full of "rocks." The people's souls have been hardened by 45 years of communism and the orthodox religion. People rely on what they consider superior knowledge and reject faith.

About Tania

I grew up in atheistic Ukraine. Mi father was a communist leader. My daily life was

very saturated with big possibilities and freedom for development. At the age 20 I confronted the reality of my life. Friends, studies, career, and entertainment didn't make my life stable or satisfied. During this time I attended a church for the first time, there God's Word got a hold of me. Jesus entered my life, gave me salvation, gave purpose to my life, and freed me from the fear of death. Through the ministry of WOL God intensively worked on my spiritual growth and dedication.

God has put a love on my heart for the Bulgarian people, especially for the youth. I have the opportunity to counsel young girls and often their mothers at the same time. Above all I want to be faithful to the Lord until the end, supporting my husband in this ministry.

Our three children completed their studies at the WOL Bible Institute (in Argentina and Ukraine) and each also met their spouse at the B.I. Our eldest daughter, Sveta and youngest son, Tony, serve the Lord as missionaries along with their families in WOL Ukraine. Our middle son, Nick, works in Florida as a legal interpreter and serves the Lord with his family in a local church; they do all of our English translations and during 2012-2015 they helped us short-term with the ministry here in Bulgaria.