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Thomas Puskas

Thomas Puskas

Missionary to South Korea Mainland


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Ministry Description

The different opportunities that I will be able to be apart of include SYME (School of Youth Ministry English), Youth Camps, Public School Outreach, and The Bible Institute in Jeju, South Korea. SYME is the outreach program where I would be teaching English using the Bible as our main textbook. I would also be living alongside those students discipling and living life with them and helping them in their walk with Christ. I will also participate in the camps running games and activities along with sharing the Gospel. Also, there is a Public School Outreach program where we go to schools and have fun with the kids and share the Gospel. And lastly, I will be able to help out at the Bible Institute in South Korea whether that be with school activities, connecting with students, or preparing the students to be apart of the camp ministry.

About Thomas

I grew up in a Christian home, with loving parents, and was saved at a young age. I grew up in a Christian School, and went to church every week my entire life. Although I was taught, and had knowledge of who Jesus was and knew He saved me, my relationship with Him was surface level. It was not until I went to the Word of Life Bible Institute that my relationship with God became real and I began to experience who God was. I decided to come to second year at the Bible Institute and during the missions conference in 2021, God showed me that I still had not given full control of my life to Him. I was living my life for myself, and adding God, rather than Giving God my life and allowing Him to lead my life. It was at that point where the call to ministry first came into my life. Over the next months I wrestled with CCI or continuing onto university until as a class we went to the WAYUMI program in Pennsylvania. WAYUMI taught me about the unreached people groups all over the world and showed me that God is working all across the world. Here I also learned what a privilege it is to be apart of the ministry of the Gospel. It was here that I decided to devote the next two years of my life to reaching the young people of South Korea for the Gospel and I am excited to see how God uses me for the furtherance of the Kingdom.

Life Verse

Romans 10:14-15