Our Missionaries

Our missionaries are normal people from all walks of life who have dedicated their lives to serving and following Jesus wherever He calls them. Want to meet them? Check out our Missionary Directory.

Tiago and Amy Braganholo

Tiago and Amy Braganholo

Missionaries to the United States

Ministry Description

We are grateful to serve an area that touches on 4 states (PA, DE, MD and NJ) in Philadelphia and its vicinity. It’s a huge opportunity for us to work with the many churches that have a history with WOL and the thousands of churches that have never even had the chance to partner with us in discipling youth. As a ministry coach for local churches, we have the privilege of supporting pastors and children's coordinators on their task to disciple their students so that they can reach their peers. We provide churches with a world-class curriculum and all the tools necessary for a successful ministry.

About Tiago

The Lord got a hold of my heart at 12 years of age. From the very beginning of my new walk with Christ, I felt that there would be no better joy than to serve the Lord full-time. As a pre-teen, I admired the Word of Life interns that would come to help at our church. The Lord was already working on my heart. When it was time for college, there was no doubt in my mind, I wanted to go to Word of Life. I completed my Bachelor's in Theology at Word of Life, Brazil. We began serving the Lord. Even though I have not served full-time all my years after College, there has always been that calling in my heart that I could not ignore. There is nothing that brings me more joy and satisfaction than to teach God's Word,disciple God's people and to preach the Gospel to the lost.

About Amy

I was raised in a Christian home (My parents actually were saved through Word of Life events as young teens). When I was in high school, I remember attending a youth seminar at my church and I felt God working in my heart to dedicate my life to Him to be willing to go wherever He called me. I had just gotten back from a missions trip and knew I wanted God to use me to touch others with His love. Being in high school, I had no idea what God was preparing for me but He placed that desire in my heart.