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Tobias and Franziska Lausch

Missionaries to Germany Starnberg

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Ministry Description

I (Franziska) am serving with Word of Life in Germany, Starnberg at a beautiful castle on Lake Starnberg, located 25 kilometers south of Munich. I started my ministry in April 2015.

My job includes the administration and organization of youth camps, school trips and any other group stay at the castles, as well as the personal contact with our guests. Moreover I coach and supervise our young people who are taking a gap year and volunteer here at WOL. My goal is that every guest, wherever he may come from can experience the Gospel through us.

My vision is the encouragement of young people, to search for the nature of God, to search for their identity in Christ and to cope with the challenges of life through the certainty, that hope will never be silent.

About Tobias

I was born on August 28th 1991 in Heilbronn, Germany into a family with two older siblings. I grew up in a traditional Christian home and decided to take a gap year after graduating from high school. Through Gods guidance I came to WOL at Lake Starnberg and volunteered there for one year. This year affected me deeply and was full of building deep friendships and getting to know who I am in Christ. During this year I met my wife at a local church in Munich. Currently I go to university and volunteer at WOL during summer season.

About Franziska

I was born on April 2nd in 1989 in Frankfurt, Germany. I grew up with my older sister in a loving home. I got to know Jesus as my personal friend at an outdoor youth camp at the age of 12, and dedicated my life to him. After graduating from high school I went to university and received my Bachelor of Tourism and Business Administration. Before I decided to minister at WOL I worked for an online shop as a category manager.

Life Verse

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:7