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Toby Heimbach

Toby Heimbach

Missionary to Canada Ontario

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Ministry Description

I will work directly with the Dean of Men during the academic year to serve and equip students. I will be responsible for directly working with guy RA's and helping them be successful as student leadership within the dorm rooms. I will also be present to take a interest in making sure the student's spiritual and physical needs are met. I will be involved with student life chapel and helping organize small groups. Weekly meetings with staff, staff DeVos, student life meetings, and 1-on-1 meetings with dean. Responsible for assigning d-hours, involved in disciplinary issues.

About Toby

I was born and raised in a God loving and Christian home. I had the chance to go to a Word of Life camp my first grade summer and heard the Gospel and had it begin to make sense that night. My counselor was willing to walk me back through the gospel when I asked about it again at the cabin that night and it was clear that i was a sinner and in need of a savior. The summers of 2014-2018 I worked camp crew. During the school years though, it was becoming more apparent that ministry was where God was leading my heart. In 2016 I was on the student leadership team at my youth group and helping lead the student tech team as well. I was planning on attending the Bible Institute and then doing something after my year until my youth pastor challenged the guys on the leadership team to develop a message we could share briefly in front of the youth group. After doing so and realizing how much i enjoyed it, i began to consider ministry more and more. I went to Camp Crew in 2018 to work security, which was tough because i recently found out that my family had to try and move houses soon due to some unforeseen circumstances. During staff training I was struggling with the situation back home or staying and going to the Bible institute, after much talking with my supervisor we prayed for God to work and deliver, that night at the campfire service I dedicated everything of mine to God that night. The next morning I had the joy of waking up to a text letting me know God had provided a place for my family to stay, and it was much better than where we were before!

I then went to the Bible Institute for two years (2018-2020) and if I had to summarize the biggest things I learned it would be: 1.) God is in control 2.) God will use the gifts and abilities He gave us that we may not necessarily like or know we have. After the Bible Institute I was plannign to do Cross Cultural Internship in Quebec, Canada. But, God opened doors this year for me to serve as the discipleship coordinator in Florida!

Life Verse

Habakkuk 1:5