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Tony Galusya

Tony Galusya

Missionary to Uganda

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Ministry Description

About Tony


My name is Galusya David Tony, I was person just like you, getting up everyday doing my daily routine, and trying to satisfy the ones I love. All these things are hard living in a world that shows Betrayal, Backstabbing, Personal Gain and etc. I was living my life worrying of what tomorrow or the next day will bring along my way. My life was happy on the outside but in the inside I was burning up with sense of emptiness. It’s like when you play a puzzle game, and you get down to the very last piece then you realize you can’t find it, that feeling was how I was living on the inside. I was living my life with that one piece missing and it was eating me alive every single day, but nobody could tell it. For the days that went by I tried to substitute the emptiness with watching movies, games, partying, and going out with friends, but that only satisfied the void for a brief period of time. Then I soon realized what I was doing was only making the situation worse. Thank God that when I had the gospel from one of the crusades on 31st Dec 1999 There was this little voice in the back of my head that was saying over and over ‘call upon the name of the Lord! Five years later I understood, Trusted and Believed especially after reading (Rom 3:23) the Holy Spirit convicting my heart and I got down on my knees and I started praying and confessing to the Lord everything I have done in my life and I am lost without Him. After a extensive conversation with the Lord, I felt like a new person, the music I listened to I didn’t listen to anymore, the games I played I didn’t play anymore, and so on. I realized that all those long hours of watching movies, games that I could have spent the time with the people I love like God, Family, and Friends. Jesus is number one in my life Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. My yearning for the word of God continued daily and I prayed that God can allow me study his word as I serve him in my local church. God is faithful he answered my prayers by allowing me go to word of life Africa Bible institute in 2019 , there I studied his word and while the Bible institute I unlearned and learned so many things, my love for ministry increased as God opened ministry opportunities, currently am working with pastors in the villages of kasese ( Uganda) and helping the youths in the areas of evangelism and discipleship. Also serving as pastors and Rugendabara community church. (RCC) My dream is to continue training pastors in villages so that they can be able to Present the word of God to their communities very well and may be later those trained can train others. 2 Tim 2:2

I know the long road ahead is not going to be easy but at least I will depend on Jesus. And talk to him through prayer about everything. I tell Jesus secrets because I can trust that He will not tell anybody. I stopped putting my trust in man but to God. Everything happens according to God’s Plans. I later got married to Anita and we are expecting a our first Born in October 2022 Now am a full-time missionary with word of life Uganda