Word of Life's Missions Conference 2020


January 8 - 10

WOL Florida

New York
January 16 - 18

Jack Wyrtzen Center
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Speaker: Carlos Gomez


Carlos met Jesus Christ as a child. Married for 19 years, Carlos and Deinis Mariela, have two teenage sons: Josué and Andrés; and have been involved in missions since 1998.

Carlos studied Bible and Missiology at the School of Pastoral Studies (ESEPA), the Evangelical University of the Americas (UNELA) and Doxa International University. He served as a missionary in India and founded, in 2006, the PAAM mission agency, where he has been the executive director since then. Through this ministry, they mobilize the Latin church and have helped send 31 missionaries to the least reached in the world.


Musician and Missionary Focus- From Word of Life Argentina


Marcos Llanes “Charlie”

Marcos and his wife, Paola, graduated from the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina in 2015. In 2016 they entered the missionary team to serve full time in the Music Ministry. Marcos is a singer-songwriter and composer, so he put his God-given talent at the service of camps, conferences and many other ministries. His vision is to carry the message of Christ to all nations through music. His goal is to be a blessing to many. Married for 12 years, Marcos and Paola have two daughters: Luz and Cesia. They currently live in San Miguel del Monte, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marcos next challenge is to record an album in English to open more doors and reach more people with the message of salvation.


Emiliano Vitti

Emiliano is from Argentina and graduated from the Word of Life Bible Institute, attending the campus in his own country. He and his wife Vanesa, who is from Ecuador, began as Word of Life Argentina full-time missionaries in 2008, serving in Local Church Ministries, leadership training, and counseling, with 14 churches in the West Zone of Buenos Aires. They worked there for 12 years until they were challenged in 2018 to go to Ecuador and develop Local Church Ministries throughout the country; he will eventually take the direction of the Word of Life ministry in Ecuador. Married for 13 years, Emiliano and Vanesa have two children: Nicolás, who is 7 years-old, and Abigail, who is 5 years-old. They currently reside in San Miguel del Monte, Buenos Aires, Argentina, but will be moving to Quito, Ecuador in June of 2020.

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