Faithful God

The Story

I never expected and never wanted to end up at the BI. I had my plans to go to nursing school and eventually become a medical missionary. God had other plans for me. He was so graciously faithful, even when I wasn’t faithful to Him. Even though I was so extremely stubborn, He cut off all of the branches that weren’t producing fruit in my life, and constantly showed me that the BI was exactly where He wanted me. The Lord has taught me so much through out this year. He’s continuously opened so many doors for me in friendships, discipleship, and even having the amazing opportunity to be a leader at a local youth group. He’s given me experiences that I never expected to have. What a faithful, amazing God. Now, He’s opened this door for me- to minister in Bermuda for three weeks! It’s crazy how God not only knows, but genuinely understands the desires of our hearts. He knew my desire has been to be involved in some type of international ministry, and He used WOL to start fulfilling that desire. He used a school that was out of my plans to do something so amazing, because He knows my heart and what I need better than I ever will. I needed this year in my relationship with the Lord before going out into missions. He is so good, SO faithful. Proverbs 16:3- Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and HE will establish your plans.

Annamarie Trott



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