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About Student Fusion

Student Fusion is a two week missions trip for people ages 14-22. This is an opportunity to learn how to raise support for missions and experience what God is doing in a culture and language different than your own. You will have the opportunity to use and develop ministry skills such as music, drama, sports, and many others for the spread of the gospel and to get a vision for how to best live your life in obedience to the Great Commission. High school Juniors and Seniors also have the opportunity to earn a scholarship to Word of Life Bible Institute for participating in one of these trips. Come join one of our Student Fusion teams and get ready to make lifelong friends while serving God around the world!

The Process

Pre-Field – We will guide you through the application process, learning the Biblical foundation of support raising, raising your support, and preparing all the logistics for your trip. This is a key time to get prepared spiritually and practically, as well as an opportunity to meet other students and your trip leaders before traveling together.
Student Fusion Training Week – Trip participants meet for several days of team building and training in cross-cultural ministry, evangelism, sharing your testimony, ministry preparation, and emergency procedures before departing for the trip. For those who are going on a SF trip within the Caribbean, SF Training Week takes place at The Coast, Word of Life’s summer camping location in Hudson, FL. For those who are going on all other international SF trips, SF Training Week takes place at Word of Life’s Ranch and Ridge Camp in Pottersville, NY. Finally, for those who are going on the Navajo Nation SF trip, SF Training Week takes place on site with the trip leader in Montevallo, AL.

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Student Fusion FAQs

On-Field Experience – Student Fusion trips involve a host of opportunities to share your faith in a cross-cultural settings. This could include VBS, camps, sports tournaments, street evangelism, public schools, and much more. Trip leaders will help coach you through these opportunities as well as lead daily team building times to discuss and process together what God is doing in and through your team. Our trips also include service projects and cross-cultural experiences so you can get a taste of what it might be like to live in the country you are serving.

Post-Trip Experience – During your trip, we will begin to talk through how you can take what you have learned and bring it into your everyday life. We don’t desire that this trip only be a ten day spiritual high that doesn’t translate to real life back at home. You will learn how to be intentionally missions-minded for the rest of your life.

Have questions? Please contact a missions coach or check out the Student Fusion FAQ page using the links to the left to learn more about finances, travel, COVID, training, or other parts of a Student Fusion Trip.

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