Cross Cultural Internship


About The Internship

The Cross Cultural Internship (CCI) is a ministry of Word of Life Short Term Missions which sends students to Word of Life mission fields around the world giving them the opportunity to serve as a missionary while working toward a college degree at a discounted price. This two year internship consists of intense training, support raising, and service in one of 81 countries where Word of Life ministers. Students will learn how to build a support team, navigate culture shock, possibly learn a second language, and minister alongside full-time missionaries.

No matter what your future holds, spending two years serving cross culturally will be an incredible way to gain experience and skills that God can use for the rest of your life! Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to expand your understanding of God’s plan for the nations and to
become a true laborer for the gospel for the rest of your lives (Matthew 9:35-38).

Who Is CCI For?

  1. Anyone who is willing to learn and serve.
  2. Anyone who wants to get a global vision of what God is doing regardless of your long-term plans.
  3. Anyone who faithfully attends a local church and has the support of its leadership.
  4. A current student at or recent graduate from a Christian college with 1-2 years of Bible and ministry training as a part of your education.

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Where Can I Go?

Established CCI Locations

Central & South America


South Africa


Pacific Rim

New Zealand
South Korea

North America

Quebec, Canada

Emerging CCI Locations

Central & South America



Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Pacific Rim


North America

Elkhart, Indiana
(Lifeline Youth

How Can I Serve?

CCI Ministry Opportunities

Word of Life focuses on reaching youth with the Gospel and discipling them to reach their friends. Therefore, no matter what ministry you do, the ultimate goal is to share your faith and serve children, teens, and college students. Around the world, our missionaries seek to come alongside local churches to use almost any talent, skill, or spiritual gift to build relationships with young people for this purpose. Here are some examples of ministry needs and opportunities that CCI interns help with on a regular basis:

  • Local churches – Word of Life Bible Clubs,
    youth groups, evangelistic events.
  • Camps and conferences – Summer, winter, english.
  • Evangelism – Open air evangelistic events, sporting events.
  • Discipleship – Being discipled by WOL missionaries and/or other local believers, discipling young people.
  • Education – TESOL, Bible teaching.
  • Miscellaneous – Administration, drama, kitchen, housekeeping, information technology, maintenance, marketing, productions, music, photography, social media, videography.

Click the button below to read more about the Word of Life mission fields around the world where we have Cross Cultural Interns.

Word of Life Mission Fields
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Placement and Training


We work with you as prospective interns and WOL fields to determine the best place for you to serve. Life experience, ministry skills and desires, spiritual gifts, and educational goals are all considered as we make these decisions. Oftentimes interns will start their two year internship at a regional hub for a few months before heading to their permanent destination. In each case, our goal is to give each intern the best chance to learn, serve, and grow while also helping the ministries of our international fields.


Training starts in August of any given year and consists of a week of preparation for support raising and other topics that future missionaries must be grounded in. Then, interns will spend the rest of the fall season at home building a support team while receiving coaching from experienced missionaries as they navigate the journey of getting to full support. A final week of training takes place in January where interns receive instruction on culture and language dynamics, ministry and discipleship, and cultivating a servant’s heart. Our goal is at the conclusion of the week of January training, interns are fully funded and ready to be launched out to their mission field.

Finances and Education


All CCI interns are required to raise support to fund your time on the missions field. Not only does this cover your expenses while serving, but it also gives others the chance to partner with you in God’s work. You’ll receive training and resources on how to raise support, and we’ll be right here with you each step of the way!


All CCI interns are required to pursue a degree during your internship (exceptions may apply). We have partnered with several Christian universities, including Davis College, Liberty University, Clarks Summit University, and Calvary University, to offer significant discounts as you pursue further education – up to 50% off! While we encourage interns to take advantage of these discounts at one of these schools, the school and degree is up to you.

CCI Timeline Summary

Journey to the Field

  • Interest - Pray and seek counsel from parents, church leadership, and mentors.
  • Apply - January-May – Complete CCI Application at and interviews, get accepted, and agree on field placement.
  • Training - May-August – Complete online Introductory Training and support raising homework. August – Attend Support Raising Training Week. August-December – Build a
    support team, serve in your church, begin online education, and reach 100% support.
  • Departure - January – Attend Pre-Launch Training Week including Missions Conference, finalize logistics, and leave for your field!

Life on the Field

  • 1st Year of CCI - Continue online education, begin learning a new culture and language, and begin serving with WOL missionaries on your field.
  • December - January - Return home for Christmas break, attend January Training Week and Missions Conference, and return to your field.
  • 2nd Year of CCI - Continue online education, continue serving with WOL missionaries on your field, possibly serve at another WOL field on a short-term trip, and finalize plan with CCI leadership for after CCI.
  • December - Return home for Christmas break.
  • Next Steps - January – Attend January Training and Missions Conference, graduate from CCI, and either return to your field or move on to what God has next for you.
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Current CCI Interns

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