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Begun in 1993, Word of Life Romania is led today by Mihai Bucur. The first camps were held in 1994. The missionary team, along with 110 volunteer counselors, ministered to thousands of Romanian young people. 5,000 of them accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Their ministry includes evangelistic campaigns and five weeks of camp, which accommodates over 650 young people. The Children's show, Castle of Grace, has reached thousands of children. The ministry has also started presenting a musical team, Born Again to a Living Hope, in schools and prisons. The future plans of the ministry include establishing a youth camp and Bible Institute facility at a recently purchased track of land in the Transylvania region of the country.

Location Information

Romania, which is situated on the Black Sea, is one of Europe's poorest nations. Its landscape ranges from the Carpathian Mountains to flat lands with numerous orchards and vineyards. Brutal dictatorships and communist philosophy have destroyed many elements of history, culture and traditions, as well as the identity of the nation. Romanians were robbed of basic human rights and hope for the future until the Revolution of 1989 that ended the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. Medieval towns and majestic castles are memorials of the rich historical heritage, but gray, stark apartment blocks and orphanages with starving children are a reminder of the Ceausesu era. Communism controlled all churches and anybody who claimed to profess any religious beliefs suffered persecution. Today Romanians have freedom of worship. About 86 percent of the population belongs to the Romanian Orthodox Church and five percent to the Roman Catholic Church. Only 3.5 percent of Romanians claim to be Christian.

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