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Jake and Emily Smith

Jake and Emily Smith

Missionaries to Taiwan

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Ministry Description

You’ve probably seen the sticker “Made In Taiwan” before. Taiwan, despite being written on hundreds of products we encounter every day is still a relatively unknown nation to most Americans. Taiwan is full of highly educated, affluent people and would be considered a developed nation. We minister to the wonderful Taiwanese who are ensnared in the religious and cultural trappings of East Asian religion.

English fluency is in record demand throughout Asia and many of the Taiwanese are looking for a place to learn English. Word of Life Taiwan primarily uses our short-term immersion school, SYME as a platform to create biblically solid post high-school students while teaching English and Theology. Students come into class and are greeted by a loving staff of Christians who build relationships and teach them about Jesus. Many of our students enter in without a faith in Christ and leave so fired up for God that they go on to attend Bible College and come back to Taiwan as Christian Workers. Others come lukewarm in faith and leave stronger and bolder in what they know.

As an American in Taiwan, we stick out. With only 15,000 westerners living among 24 million people, anyone who is different tends to be a conversation piece. This means every little interaction is amplified and an opportunity to discuss why we are there and the truths of the gospel!

While we both have prior experience working at SYME, we are SO EXCITED to be able to expand upon the ministries of Word of Life Taiwan by learning Mandarin Chinese and our first step toward reaching the people of Taiwan is in learning the language of their heart.

The opportunities to teach the lost in Taiwan are endless, we cannot wait to see all that God is going to allow us to do to make His name famous.

Investing in us is an opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God and see life change all over the world! If you would like more information or to come alongside us as team members in prayer, financially, or even as a volunteer overseas please let us know!

Some of our goals for our Five-Year Plan include:

Mandarin Fluency

Expanding SYME and Word of Life Taiwanese Ministries

Discipleship programs for those who have finished SYME

Stronger Church relationships

Development of Media and Storytelling Missions

To hear more, email us at emilybreesmith@gmail.com and join our newsletter and visit out blog at,


About Jake

Native Seattleite. Avid coffee drinker, part-time Writer, full-time friend. Video Game enthusiast. Been to 19 countries so far. Still absolutely love America. Graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s in Science and Religion. One day I’ll write a book that will be on your coffee table.

About Emily

Born and raised in Florida. Em is a lover of the sun and all things ocean. Loves tea. You can usually find her going on some wild outdoor adventure and paddle-boarding some waves. Also loves to write and if not in her journal, it will be on the blog. Graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors in Bible and Theology. We have a Japanese Bobtail named Marceline you need to come and meet!

Life Verse

Song of Solomon 2:10-12 - My Beloved speaks and says to me: "Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away, for behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come..."