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In 1987, Paul Bubar and Howie Bowen arrived in Bermuda to help a local youth pastor to begin Word of Life Bible Clubs in his church. That same year Howie was able to expand the Club Ministry into two other local churches in Bermuda. He continued to head up this ministry until 1991 when Mark and Pam Hall attended Word of Life's Missionary in Training program and became Bible Club missionaries to Bermuda. Since that time, another couple has joined the team to work with the Bible Club Program. In 1990, the Lord opened the door for Word of Life to begin Bible Clubs in the public schools of Bermuda. In 1992 they began to use Soccer Marathons as a means of reaching more youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today Word of life is actively involved in Superbowls, Soccer Marathons, and Olympian Games for children, as well as camps during the month of August. Their camping season began in 2001 with 53 teens attending and they are looking at expanding this in the future. Of those fifty-three at the very first Bermuda camp, there were seven decisions for Jesus Christ and twenty dedication sot serve Jesus Christ with all of their lives. Word of Life Bermuda became a recognized field of Word of Life International in 2001, and Mark Hall is currently the director over all of the ministries in the Caribbean. Right now there are Bible Clubs operating in both the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Location Information

Bermuda, a group of coral islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean of the coast of North Carolina (USA), the main island covers an area of only 58.8 sp km, yet is home to all of the country's 63,500 people. Although it is only 21 miles long and 2 miles wide, Bermuda has successfully exploited its location by drawing many international businesses and providing luxurious tourist facilities for its 360,000 annual visitors.

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